Your True Design

Do you want to understand the power of who you really are? How does God feel about you? How will the power of your true identity change your life? 

At the Born 2 Win Women's Conference there is healing, joy, answers, music, world renown New York Times Best Selling authors, and award winning singers and people that have one thing in common they have overcome the loosing gravity pull by locking into their true design. Every speaker, every singer, every single person involved loves you and wants you to understand your true God given design. The Born 2 Win Women's Conference will help you.

"Find your True Identity that will Empower your Purpose and Fuel your Provision"

Declare these out loud:

  • I have the mind of Christ. I am led by the Holy Spirit.
  • The Holy Spirit is declaring, disclosing, and transmitting the will of the Father to me.
  • I hear the Father's will—I understand it—I quickly do it, and everything I touch prospers, multiples, and goes forward all for the Glory of God!
  • I bind my mind, will, emotions, and body to divine health and long, long life, full of joy, and abundance with the goodness and wholeness of God!
  • I will live strong! I am a Fearless Faithful Female and I am truly Born 2 Win!

Pam Thum-Marshall