My B2W Story

By Deanne Moore

I grew up in a home where academic and athletic standards were high. I was financially rewarded for A’s on my report card, but the single A- or B+ was the focal point of conversation when the report arrived. I was applauded for a good game, but there were times when harsh criticism damaged my soul to the point of wanting to do anything I could to prevent that kind of pain from happening again, especially when it came from the one to whom I was looking to validate my worth and find out who I was.

Improving my skills, accomplishing goals, and performing well became the mindset on which I based my value and identity . . . until the Holy Spirit introduced me to Jesus, who then introduced me to his Father, who became my Father, and I got to start life all over again.

It’s been a challenging journey of learning: learning to let go; learning to trust; learning boundaries; learning new values. And it’s been a wonderful journey of finding some amazing things: God’s love; His patience, kindness, and encouragement on my worst days; and His friendship. What an awesome God! 

I look forward to the rest of the journey knowing who I am, whose I am, and that I was Born 2 Win!