Don't be a cow

“When you are driven there is no room for patience.”
-Stephen Marshall

Have you ever seen a cowboy movie where they have a "cattle drive"? We as Sons & Daughters are never to be driven like cattle or fearful & anxiously motivated. We are little sheep and we are to be Led so we can Lead in the power of our true identity with focus, love, strength, confidence, wisdom, discernment and humility. Our works are the works of God in and thru us! We are Empowered & Infused with our true DNA!


Body and Mind I command you to rest in the Lord.  I will not be driven but I will be led by God's direction.  I will be focused and intentional but never driven.  I cast my cares on you Lord. I hear your voice, I understand and I quickly do your will.  Knowing I will be in your strength, calmness and peace because it is what you put in my hands and your works that I reherse and celebrate!  It is an honor to have you flow through me God and I posture myself with joy and thanksgiving for you to do that always.   

"We treat God's gifts with contempt when we try to replace them with our works"
                                                                                                             - Stephen Marshall