Empower a life.

We created a way to help sponsor women to receive the empowerment and encouragement that the Born 2 Win message can bring through CONFERENCES with life-tools.


Your $50 sponsorship and B2W’s benevolence fund
will make all the difference to a woman in need. 

Bianca's* husband just died and she is at a new season of needing to dream again, desperate for true friendships. She knows inside she has a lot to give but needs to know God still has a plan for the rest of her life.

Joanna* is a busy mom of three. Her days are filled with work and attempting to keep her home together. She's trying to be strong but feels all alone and scared. She needs to know there are answers—that there is joy.

Terri* was a business woman who seemed to have it all but everything fell apart. She lost her job and is desperate to know where she goes from here. She needs to hear that God’s plan for her is still one of a future and a hope.



To become a Born 2 Win team member would you consider pledging $100 a month for one year commitment? Every penny will go to empowering and enrichinglives with this powerful message. 

Youwill have FREEaccess & FREE admissionto Live Bible Studies – VIP events and workshops and and One Copy of all LIFE TOOLSeach year you follow your love commitment of $100 a month.