True Stories


That Saturday at the Born To Win Conference brought a radical change in my life. I now believe that God designed me to win and I understand better what winning is. Even my 27-year marriage is growing and getting better because of this wisdom. Thank you guys and Praise God!

- Jackson Hole, WY

I was sitting in the back row watching a group of friends that were not accustomed to being at a Christian event. As the music and teaching packages filled the atmosphere, tears streamed down their eyes and they began to turn to each other with expressions of complete joy. It was as if they’d found what they’d been looking for all their lives.

- Orlando, FL


Why have I never heard anything like this in the 20 years I’ve gone to church? For the first time I feel like I understand what it means to be born again and have Christ’s DNA in me. I’m born to win!

- Saginaw, MI

I feel like my life got pulled out of the fire. I was engaged to marry the wrong man and then at a Born To Win Conference my eyes were opened. I no longer believe ignorance is bliss.

- Detroit, MI


I needed this in a big way. Sure it was fun and exciting but as a leader, this theme charged me with courage that I didn’t realize was missing. Thanks!

- Raleigh, NC